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Animation For

Social Change.

We help good development organisations
tell their story through animation.
  • What does it cost?
    Animation doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. We have honed our skills, sharpened our pencils and our clever team can work to almost any budget. No really! If your budget is stretched there are certain factors which can reduce the cost of production such as; Do you have any existing assets or artwork you can contribute? Do you have a script ready to go? Keep it short and sweet. Under a minute 150 words or less. Choose a simple illustration style and a limited colour palette.
  • How many words should I have in my script?
    30 seconds - 75 words 45 seconds – 115 words 60 seconds – 150 words 90 seconds – 225 words 2 minutes – 250-300 words
  • How long does it take to produce an animation?
    A standard 60-second animation takes around 4 - 8 weeks give or take, depending on the complexities of design and animation. For fast turn around social media animations, we can delivery in under 5 days. Yes, we are up to the challenge bring it on! At the commencement of any project our producers will send you a detailed project scheduler which steps you through all the major milestones and time needed for internal feedback loops.
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